Alton Billinger Avatar

The Higheat burger was spicy and delicious. The one person running around as the bartender and server was very nice. The food truly was tasty and the beer selections were a welcome change from the normal every day varied choices. i ask myself why this place isn't busier and the only answer I can come up with is when you walk through the door your transported right back to the early 90s when this place was Famous Sam's. There is no upgrades to the establishment that says hey were modern and relevant.

Alton Billinger 6/02/2021
Cheryl Schonenberger Avatar

great food, will you be in Huachua City in the future?

Cheryl Schonenberger 5/27/2021
Nelda Robertson Avatar

Love the owner & staff. Best chicken strips in town!

Nelda Robertson 5/25/2021
Lauretta Hahn Towne Avatar

Food was good had Hot Pastrami drinks are good decent prices!

Lauretta Hahn Towne 5/22/2021
Kathyann Rivera Palileo Avatar

Love the place VERY friendly ❤️

Kathyann Rivera Palileo 5/01/2021
Les Shohet Avatar

I've known this place by 3 different names over the years, but the place stays great!

Les Shohet 4/03/2021
Melissa Broadwater-Baker Avatar

Always serving good food with a smile! Plenty of meat and sauce selections.

Melissa Broadwater-Baker 2/21/2021
Sharon Peterson Avatar

Great food, fast. Fantastic breakfast, I had an omelet. for lunch you won't find better fried chicken, and we love to do family takeout with the chicken packs. Better try it!

Sharon Peterson 2/03/2021
Carmen Myrick Avatar

great people and great food.

Carmen Myrick 1/25/2021
Lisa Brent Avatar

Great food and good service !

Lisa Brent 1/13/2021
Alice 25_87 Avatar

Actually really yummy! We ordered through Door Dash but plan to dine in next time. Definitely recommend.

Alice 25_87 1/01/2021
Cait Walters Avatar

we ordered food from door dash and let me tell you.....SOOOOOOO GOOD

Cait Walters 12/19/2020
Golden Rule Jewelry Antiques & More Avatar

Extremely good food !!! Always clean ! Peaceful place to have a drink an relax from a long day ! Owner Tom is amazing and friendly staff !

Golden Rule Jewelry Antiques & More 12/13/2020
Holly Bell Avatar

Wonderful place! Great service, great food! Glad to have a good place to watch football 🏈.

Holly Bell 11/23/2020
Ricardo Santiago Avatar

Ricardo Santiago 11/08/2020
Randy Patterson Avatar

We had Zucchini sticks and Diet Coke. The Zucchini was fat, delicious and hot! We were part of a party of 10 or so square dancers and the server was great! They have an excellent selection of beers and ales which I would have tried but I was the designated driver!

Randy Patterson 11/08/2020
Sandra Becker Avatar

great menu, cool ambience, delicious food!

Sandra Becker 10/21/2020
Carlie Waldo Avatar

Good food, good service and lots of TVs for games.

Carlie Waldo 10/19/2020
Brandon SV Hellizona Sharp Avatar


Brandon SV Hellizona Sharp 10/11/2020
Cassandra Milner Avatar

Had the Sierra Vista Burger! It was huge and amazing! They have waffles fries too! Definitely going back to try more!

Cassandra Milner 10/10/2020