Baskets, combos, Kids and More

Yes, We Cater
Baskets & Combos
Wings Basket 12.99

6 bone-in wings with celery, choice of wing sauce and side

Tenders Basket 12.99

3 chicken tenders served with 1 side, 1 biscuit and choice of sauce

Boneless Basket 12.99

1/2 pound of boneless wings with celery, choice of wing sauce, dipping sauce and side

Steak Fingers Basket 14.99

battered steak fingers, 1 side and 1 biscuit with choice of side

Shrimp Basket 12.99

10 piece fried shrimp, 1 side and 1 biscuit with choice of sauce – extra shrimp $1 each

Fish Basket 14.99

beer battered white fish or catfish, 1 side and 1 biscuit with choice of sauce – extra piece of fish $7

Chicken Tenders` 3.00 each

hand-battered chicken tenders with choice of dipping sauce

Chicken Tenders Combo 33.99

12 tenders, 2 large sides, 2 dipping sauces and 6 biscuits

Mac & Cheese Bowl 13.99

mac & cheese topped with your choice of grilled chicken, breaded chicken, hot dog, bratwurst, bacon, house-smoked brisket, tri tip or pulled pork with choice of sauce

Salisbury Steak 13.99

1/2 pound chuck topped with beef mushroom gravy, biscuit and choice of side

Sauces & Dressings

lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, mild, hot, ghost pepper, bbq, sweet red chili, hot garlic parm, country gravy, mushroom gravy, ranch, blue cheese, italian, house, balsamic, honey mustard, caesar


fresh-cut fries, mixed fruit, sweet potato fries, waffle fries, macaroni & cheese, mashed potato & gravy, coleslaw, bbq beans, side salad 3.99/6.49


coke products, lemonade, ginger ale, iced tea, sweet tea, coffee, cranberry juice, orange juice, apple juice, milk 2.99

Banana Pudding 4.99

Ice Crean Sandwich 5.99

House Smoked Chopped Brisket 22.00 pound

House Smoked Beef Tri-Tip 18.00 pound

House Smoked Pulled Pork 16.00 pound

BBQ Combo 49.99

2 pounds of house-smoked pulled pork, tri tip or brisket, 2 large sides and 6 biscuits

kids – 10 and under
Hot Dog 8.99

nathan’s famous dog topped with cheese and choice of side and drink

Grilled Cheese 8.99

cheddar and provolone on texas toast with choice of side and drink

Chicken Tenders 8.99

2 chicken tenders with choice of sauce, side and drink

Warning: Consumption of undercooked meat, poultry, eggs, or seafood may increase the risk of food-borne illnesses. Alert your server if you have special dietary requirements.